Aussie music phenom beats out strongest field ever to take this year’s crown.

As the nation gears up for another BBQ crankin’, Hottest 100 blastin’ Australia Day long weekend, RedHotPie, the nation’s cheekiest source of all things sexy, has run its annual “Sexy Australian of the Year” poll, now in its tenth year. In one of the strongest fields ever, Aussie music icon, DJ Tiger Lily has been voted the 2019 Sexy Australian of the Year!

Joining a list of well-known winners from previous years including Margot Robbie, Larry Emdur and Ruby Rose, DJ Tiger Lily embodies all things sexy! She’s talented, hardworking, body positive, environmentally conscious and just a top sort all round.

The annual award, released by RedHotPie (who are also responsible for Australia’s biggest bedroom survey, The Great Australian Sex Census,) gives a big seductive ‘thumbs-up’ to Aussies who embody our sexiest attributes. RedHotPie is one of Australia’s largest dating and social networking communities, providing fun and adventure in an inclusive, sex positive, non-judgemental space. People can join the RedHotPie Party by downloading the RedHotPie app or visiting


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10 – Gina Stewart

Gina Stewart has a few amazing achievements on her bio… Insta-famous blonde bombshell, Maxim USA finalist, and… oh yeah… grandmother! The Gold Coast pin-up has been called by many, including us, the world’s hottest grandmother, a title the family orientated knock-out welcomes. If the title was in doubt, her recent calendar drop pretty much seals the deal. As far as classic Australian beauty goes, this matriarch has it goin’ on.

9 – Calum von Moger

When you’re getting cast to play a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, you’re doing something right. If you like your men big, very big, then Australian man-mountain, Calum von Mogur is your guy. The 28-year-old Victorian has had a rough trot of late with several freak injuries hampering his training efforts, but after a horror 2018 slowed his plans for world domination, von Moger has regrouped, re-focused and is again getting after his dreams. It’s that tenacity (and those big, shiny muscles,) that we love.

8 – Roxy Jacenko

If there was an award for working hard and looking good, Aussie PR queen, Roxy Jacenko would be a short-odds favourite. The founder of Sydney’s ‘Sweaty Betty’ public relations empire spends as much time appearing in news stories as she does creating them for clients. Jacenko, a social pages fav, has been through some turbulent times over the last few years, but all the chaos has seen Jacenko focus on her physical and mental health, and today, the mother of two is looking sexier and more dangerous than ever.

7 – Jamie Zhu

He’s the bad-boy of Australian social media and you know what they say about bad boys! Melbourne based comedy vlogger Jamie Zhu went global in 2018 when he decided to prank the entire Australian Open… and whilst many hate him, many more love him. After doing a diet and work-out series in 2018, Zhu now has the rig to match his boyish good looks and fearless charm… he’s a good old fashioned, triple threat guy. “Jesus, Jamie!”

6 – Gabby Epstein

Yes, she’s hard working, socially savvy and extremely accomplished, but damn if Insta-celeb Gabby Epstein ain’t just straight sexy! Whether she’s being paid to get naked in the Bahamas or travel blogging her all-expenses-paid luxury vacations, Epstein is absolutely crushing the modelling and Instagram game. One of Australia’s hottest new faces, we have a feeling that this will not be the last time you see Epstein on this list.

5 – Tom Mitchell

Whilst his 2019 may have been derailed by injury recently, Hawthorn’s gun onballer and reigning Brownlow medallist, Tom Mitchell set footy fields and hearts alight over the last year. Mitchell’s tough play and soft smile made him a fan fav, not only among the Hawthorn faithful, but fans of the game and indeed the male form in general. Hands up for nurse duty!

4 – Charlotte Best

There are only few things Aussies love more than a home-grown raunch-fest! Following in the traditions of Number 96 and Chances, Tidelands is a trashy and titillating tale of crime, romance and the supernatural and spearheading this spectacular sex-fest is 24-year-old, Aussie siren, Charlotte Best. Best’s smouldering work on this Netflix phenom has been setting pants on fire around the world, and we’re all praying for a season 2, & 3 & 4…

3 – Ben Simmons

We may not have a royal family in Australia, but our “young prince” is currently dating American royalty so you just never know. NBA superstar, Ben Simmons has continued to lead his Philadelphia 76ers on the basketball court, whilst courting none other than Kendall Jenner away from work. The extremely well publicised romance has given Simmons another profile boost in the States and we think Simmons is crushing it. He’s also lookin’ damn fine whilst doing so.

2 – The Herbert Twins

Elisha and Renee Herbert, identical twins from Queensland, are doing sexy in stereo, and they’re set to become one of Australia hottest exports for the next decade. With humble beginnings posting fashion and travel pics on Instagram, the salacious siblings are now one of the most sought-after modelling commodities on the planet. To put this hugeness into perspective, consider an Aussie icon like Miranda Kerr… now imagine there were two of her!

1 – DJ Tiger Lily

Much more than a very pretty face, Dara Hayes, better known as DJ Tiger Lily, serves up one helluva body as well as some serious beats! Voted Australia’s number one female DJ three years running, Hayes has been crushing it behind the decks and on the socials. Her recent move toward a plant-based diet and more gym time has had amazing results and given Hayes a new-found confidence in her own skin… and as we all know, confidence is very, very sexy! Congrats, Dara, Australia loves you!