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Here we go, it’s that time again, when we name The Sexiest Australian of the Year. This years’ honour roll includes Hollywood heavyweights, sporting superstars and Youtube sensations, and as always, everyone on the list is very, very sexy. Check ’em out.

10 – Kayla Istines

A business acumen with a body to match! What’s not to love about the bright eyed and very well-toned Aussie fitness queen, Kayla Istines? Hailing from Radelaide, Istines has taken the world by storm,
one burpee at a time. If you want a bikini body in 28 days, Istines is
your girl. Or, if you just want a bikini bod to gaze at, Istines is also
your girl.

9 – Ruby Rose

Like a sexy satellite, Rose seems to make it on our list every few years and in 2018 we welcome her back with open arms. Rose has been making big moves in Hollywood of late and of course her high-profile romance with Veronicas pop-star Jess Origliasso always keeps her in the headlines. She’s as hot as they come and we’re always happy to have her in the Sexy Australian of the Year list.

8 – Jordan Barret

If there’s a measuring stick for being sexy (beyond Sexy Australian of the Year that is,) taking out the Male Model of the Year award is it, and that’s something Aussie male model of the minute, Jordan Barret has just done. Barret has delighted the fashion world and paparazzi with his rebellious antics and party hard lifestyle, and he’s looked rather good whilst doing it.

7 – Sophie Monk

What a year Sophie Monk has had; when it was announced Monk would be starring in a series of The Bachelor, most of us thought it was going to be a train wreck, but hey, we were wrong. Monk carried the series and had the country tuning in every week to see who she’d send packing. She’s as Aussie as they come and a bloody fine lucky seven in this year’s honours.

6 – Eighty83Three

Straight up, Eighty83Three is the sexiest, funniest channel on Youtube and it has rocketed Jadey & Belle into our Sexy Australian of the Year list for the first time. This social influencer dynamic duo has carved out quite the rabid fan base and have travelled the world pranking and partying like crazy. Plenty of laughs and plenty of lingerie and bikini footage, so what’s not to love?

5 – Dustin Martin

Who doesn’t love a bad boy? On the footy field, they don’t come much badder than the inked-up Richmond powerhouse, Dustin Martin, currently the most rated player in the game. He’s travelled a rough road and been in his fair share of trouble, but that’s what makes his allure even more intoxicating, right, ladies?

4 – Erin Phillips

It’s been a huge year for the Aussie sporting super star; whilst still playing in the Women’s National Basketball Associating in the States, Phillips uprooted last year to come home and play footy for her beloved Adelaide Crows. And play she did. Hearts melted across Australia when Phillips thanked her wife Tracy for supporting her decision to come home to chase the Sherrin. The couple, married in U.S seven years ago have become a poster-couple for marriage equality and diversity, and that’s something we at RedHotPie can get behind. Oh, and did we mention Phillips is also a stone cold, hottie?

3 – Yvonne Strahovski

A tour-de-force on the small screen, smouldering Aussie actress, Yvonne Strahovski has gone from strength to strength over the last few years, and her latest turn in the hit series, The Handmaid’s Tale is no exception. Garnering award noms left, right and centre, we’ll be seeing a lot more of Strahovski over the next year or two, and we’re totally OK with that!

2 – Chris Hemsworth

I You know what’s sexy? Funny… funny is very sexy, and whilst he’s been hinting at it for a while, Chris Hemsworth proved beyond a shadow of a doubt this year, he’s damn funny. Thor Ragnorok has been a massive hit, showing that Hemsworth is a double threat guy – killer looks and killer one liners. Unfortunately, ladies, he’s happily married, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all dream, right? A very deserving podium finish from Chris!

1 – Margot Robbie

First there was Elle, then Miranda, and now it’s Margot, Australia’s sexiest export! Sure, Margot Robbie has been crushing it for years, but with her brand spankin’ Oscar nom and now, this prestigious title, Robbie has truly arrived. Expect to see this blonde bombshell on movie posters and hit-lists for the next decade. She’s a bonafide superstar and we’re thrilled to crown her our Sexy Australian of the Year for 2018! HURRAH!!