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It’s almost Australia Day, which means it’s time to announce the RedHotPie Sexy Australian of the Year for 2016/17, and what an announcement it is! Without letting the proverbial cat outta the bag, let’s just say that this year’s winner is a seriously sexy individual who has come out on top for a few spectacular reasons; and the other nine rounding out the list gave our winner some very stiff competition. So buckle up and dive into the Sexy Australian of the Year results for 2016/17

10 – The Veronicas

Jess and Lisa Origliasso are the sexy gift to Australia that just keeps on giving. After some time away from the spotlight, the stunning sisters returned this year, wearing very little as they sauntered back into our hearts. For their In My Blood single, they donned little more than purple body paint, showcasing every luscious line and curve, a feat they replicated for their performance at the ARIA’s recently. The Hemsworth brothers have had the title for a while, but this year,
The Veronica’s reclaimed the ‘sexiest siblings’ crown. What a way to kick off our list.

9 – Cameron Cranley

All-round adorable country boy Cameron Cranley was a crowd favourite on The Bachelorette, and while he didn’t win the heart of Georgia Love, he sent hearts afluttering nationwide. Every time the camera got a close up of the sexy Western Australian firefighter’s baby blues and huge smile, the women of Australia collectively swooned.

But it wasn’t just the women lusting after Cranley – after mentioning his love of Disney films, he also had his fair share of male admirers! Cranley got his gear off as Mr May in the 2016 Perth Firefighters Calendar and a video of him doing a striptease did the rounds on YouTube.

8 – Jackson O’Doherty

Not since Paul ‘Hoges’ Hogan has one man embodied the Aussie larrikin spirit like Sydney comedian, Jackson O’Doherty. The online sensation brokeout and almost broke the internet with his prank-videos, showing him and close mate, Shammi battling to out-gross and out-embarrass the other.

He’s had a decent twelve months too, being picked up by Optus to chair their first ever FB live event. Way to monetize that reach, Jackson. Oh, and did we mention he looks like one of the guys from 300?

7 – Mel McLaughlin

Mel McLaughlin has got it all going on. Gorgeous, talented, driven and able to smash a Chris Gayle wrongin’ for six, McLaughlin is quickly becoming the face of Australian sports commentary, and what a face it is.

While the brunette beauty’s looks are something of a novelty as far as the sports commentary field goes, her appeal is not nearly just aesthetic; McLaughlin has the sporting knowledge and media chops to back it all up, making for one helluva package. Marvellous.

6 – Ben Simmons

Hot damn, this kid is sexy… and rich… and talented. This Aussie basketball superstar made huge waves last year when he became the number one pick in the NBA draft. Sure, complete world domination was slowed a little when Simmons broke a bone in his foot, sidelining him for most of the current season, but those in the know are already projecting great things from this baby-faced giant. That said, he’s already made it to the Sexy Australian of the Year list, so, anything more from here is cream

5 – Robyn Lawley

Sizzling swimsuit model, staunch supporter of numerous social causes and champion of a modern body positive message. Lawley has conquered the modeling world over the last few years, promoting a terrific physical image that resonates with her growing army of fans. When the 25-year-old superstar isn’t busy gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated, Lawley spends time building her own fashion brands, growing food for her family and supporting great charities such as Pink Hope.

4 – Imogen Anthony

She’s an outspoken social media firebrand and quickly becoming one of the most watched celebs in Oz. Imogen Anthony originally came across our radar when she hooked up with radio king, Kyle Sandilands, but her colourful persona and let-it-all-hang-out attitude has garnered the punk-rock princess an Instagam army all of her own.

Some dig her style, some think it’s too much, but as always, we back anyone that strives to live their best, sexiest life, and Anthony is undoubtedly doing that. Watch this space!

3 – Dr Chris Brown

Tall, blonde, rugged and ripped… well this was a no-brainer really, wasn’t it?

Dr Chris Brown, the chiseled body out front of Channel Ten’s
staggeringly successful, I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! has gone from strength to strength of late. He’s quickly become one of the most beloved personalities on the box, and is absolutely one of Australia’s most eligible bachelors.

If there was any doubt around Brown’s sex symbol status, a podium finish in this year’s awards has removed any uncertainty.

2 – Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon

It’s such a classic love story – super-hot girl meets boy on reality TV show, boy rejects girl, girl hooks up with other super-hot girl from same show instead.

It’s crazy, but that’s how it went down for Australia’s sexiest new couple, blonde bombshells, Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon. Like the rest of Australia, we are totally enamoured with these fun-loving girls. They live life to the fullest, follow their own path and always have fun doing it. They are a poster couple for what the Sexy Australian of the Year list is all about, and we are thrilled include them in this year’s honours.

Stefania Ferrario

Ladies and gentlemen, sound the trumpets, stamp your feet and clap your hands please! The 2016/17 Sexy Australian of the Year is….Stefania Ferrario! Wow! Double wow! Stefania Ferrario knocks sexy out of the park. This ultra-hot hottie is a straight-up social soldier, fighting the good fight while living the sexy life, and we love that she’s up for sharing it with us all.

Ferrario is part of the new wave of Aussie modeling – real, exciting and definitely sexy. Not afraid to rock a tight frock or bust out the high-end lingerie, Ferrario’s stunning Aussie body is the right fit for any occasion.

The social media spotlight is shining bright upon her at the moment with her #droptheplus campaign banging the drums around the world, with the story featuring in influential publications like Vogue, Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, Elle and Huffington Post to name a few. This movement was brought about by her frustration with the modelling and fashion industry’s need to label normal size bodies as ‘plus sized’, and we whole-heartedly agree with her!

RedHotPie believes that ‘sexy’ is a holistic thing and body size has nothing to do with it. It is all about how you strut your stuff, and Stefania Ferrario is helping us all remember that. Damn if we don’t love her for it!