As found at, Australia’s hottest online dating and social networking community has today announced their surprise winner of the 2015 Sexy Australian of the Year, as Larry Emdur.

With the big 50 looming at the end of 2014, Larry spent the build up honing in on his best assets and extending his sexy self repertoire with a gym routine that saw him bringing sexy back in a matter of months!

The chiseled jaw, tight abs and rock-hard biceps were enough to send us all in to a mini Emdur frenzy. Throw in that mischievous smile and infectious personality – coupled with his adorable dedication and pride in his wife and kids – and he’s the complete package.

This year’s list was one of the tightest finishes ever with the final decision going down to the wire, as The Morning Show presenter battled Aussie supermodel, Shanina Shaik for the top spot. Shaik, who had another career best year in 2014 is without a doubt the sexiest runner-up in the honour’s history and an inimitable champion of the qualities the list is all about… living sexy, feeling sexy, and looking sexy! Other very notable inclusions on this year’s list include Emdur’s rival Morning Show presenter, Karl Stefanovic, The Hemsworth brothers and Aussie music sensation, Iggy Azalea.

Joining former Sexy Australian of the Year winners such as last year’s, Margot Robbie and Geoff Huegill, Emdur’s success comes after years of hard work, both in his career and in his personal life, making him the complete sexy Australian shebang.

Growing up in Bondi, Larry dropped out of school at age 15 and, at 17 he became Australia’s youngest national newsreader. He presented the overnight news for Seven Network before a number of big breaks presenting numerous shows secured him a place in the nation’s hearts – meaning he also secured a job as co-host on The Morning Show in 2007.

There can’t be an Aussie out there who doesn’t enjoy waking up to that cheeky smile, and now, thanks to, we have living proof that Larry not only has a face for morning TV but the body too and we Aussies just cant get enough.

The annual awards, released by (who are also responsible for Australia’s biggest bedroom survey, The Great Australian Sex Census,) are now in their sixth year and give a big seductive ‘thumbs-up’ to Aussies who embody our sexiest attributes. The awards go beyond simple beauty; the recipients also exude an important gift of repartee in their attitudes and actions and this year’s winner is no exception.

So sit back and relax as we take you through the 2015 Sexy Australian of the Year list from, Australia’s sexiest online dating and social networking community.

10 – Jacqui Lambie

T: @JacquiLambie

Australian politician, Jacqui Lambie starred in one of 2014’s most memorable interviews, during which she expressed her desire to find a man with a big wallet… and a big appendage. You don’t often hear that kind of honesty in Australian politics! Thanks to sharing her carnal desires in such an open and unabashed way, we’re kicking off the 2015 Sexy Australian of the Year list with Senator Jacqui Lambie at number ten.

9 – Elle Macpherson

I: @ellemacphersonofficial

She’s sleek, toned, elegant and ridiculously desirable… and she was born half a century ago! That’s right folks, Elle ‘The Body’ Macpherson turned 50 last year, and just as she did, she posted that jaw-dropping bikini shot. Like a fine, fine wine, our Elle just keeps getting better and better.

8 – Buddy Franklin

I: @Buddy_Franklin23

He’s 196 centimetres of knee-buckling sex appeal and Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin is our number 8 for 2015. The Sydney Swans juggernaut almost got his new club over the line last year and his future looks pretty bright, especially when you consider he’s just gotten engaged to uber-hotty Jesinta Campbell. Muscles, tats and that bad-boy swagger; oooooh, Buddy!

7 – Iggy Azalea

I: @thenewclassic

If you haven’t heard of Iggy Azalea this year, then you need to check your internet connection. If success is sexy, then colour this girl sexy. She conquered the U.S with her smash-hit, Fancy and she did a pretty good job of conquering J-Lo’s butt in the Booty film-clip. No words. No words at all.

6 – 5 Seconds of Summer

I: @5sos

Boy bands have a reputation for being a bit, well… naff. Matching outfits, cheesy choreography and crooning pop that talks about friendship and endless love. Aussie pop-rockers, 5 Seconds of Summer don’t really care for all that. They’re young, talented and they’re pretty open about being out for a good time! Their legions of fans around the world ensure that good times shall be had, and here at RedHotPie, we’re all in favour of that kind of attitude.

5 – Gabi Grecko

T: @Gabi_Grecko

Well, she’s not actually Australian, but there’s still a chance she’s going to get that wedding band from serial sugar-daddy, Geoffrey Edelsten, so we’re giving the oft-nude, Gabi Grecko a pass. No-one thought it would be possible to out-shine Edelsten’s former wife, Brynne, but when Gabi arrived with her free spirit and penchant for getting her kit off, well we were overjoyed. We hope to see much, much more of Ms Grecko in the coming year!

4 – Karl Stefanovic

T: @KarlStefanovic

He gets you going in the morning, that’s for sure! Karl is a darl, and he’s had a big year; most notably when he bared his teeth giving the PM a smack-down in front of the nation. Not only has Karl shown flashes of his inner bad-ass this year, he’s also endeared himself to millions by quietly campaigning for gender equality by wearing the same suit for 12 months. Such swoon!

3 – Chris and Liam Hemsworth

T: @LiamHemsworth

What’s better than one Aussie hunk sporting rippling muscles, a chiseled chin, and eyes that can melt your soul? Two of them! And that’s what we have in the heart-crushing Hemsworth brothers, Chris and Liam. They continue to ascend the Hollywood ranks, each having a career best year. From The Avengers to The Hunger Games, this dynamic duo is an out and out blockbuster brand!

2 – Shanina Shaik

I: @ShaninamShaik

We have a pretty impressive track record when it comes to the supermodel stakes, and Shanina Shaik is one of our sexiest exports ever. The brunette beauty had another massive year peaking with her third appearance on the Victoria’s Secret show and rumours of a rekindled romance with male modeling legend, Tyson Beckford. Young, funky and absolutely out there, Shaik embodies the qualities that we love at RedHotPie, and thusly, she was unbelievably close to taking out this year’s Sexy Australian. She is without a doubt our sexiest runner-up ever.

1 – Larry Emdur

I: @LarryEmdur

He’s the only way to wake up, now more than ever! The always loveable Larry Emdur is exactly what this list is all about, and we’re extremely happy to announce him as the Sexy Australian of the Year for 2015.

Emdur turned fifty recently, the big 5-0, but instead of kneeling to Father Time, he hit the gym, chiseling a ridiculous new body for himself (and his wife) and recaptured his confidence and spirit. He’s the total sexy package, rippling body, cheeky smile, infectious personality, incredible work-ethic and he’s a beloved family-man to boot. Emdur goes after life, and his velocity is only accelerating… and that’s really, really sexy. So congratulations to Larry Emdur, the, Sexy Australian of the Year for 2015.