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The results of the fourth annual Sexy Australian of the Year list have been announced with singing sensation, Ricki-Lee Coulter taking out the top honour for 2011/12.

The Australian Idol graduate has had a huge twelve months with the release of her new single and a total make-over. Coulter’s sexy new body has been the talk of the town and her sizzling Maxim shoot secured her place at the top of the podium

Number two on this year’s list and the sexiest male Aussie over the last twelve months is Hollywood hunk, Joel Edgerton. After grinding away at the big time over the last few years, 2011’s Warrior really put Edgerton on the map and on the radar of women everywhere who were powerless to resist his extremely toned physique.

Also making the list was a pair of reality TV bombshells, a sporting hero, a sporting hero’s ex-wife, a supermodel, some more Hollywood royalty and a couple of rockstars. Again, the RedHotPie team have cast their net long and wide to find Australia’s sexiest.

Rejoicing in all things sexy, RedHotPie commends those Australians who embrace life – those Australians who live sexy. They may be aesthetically sexy, maybe their brain oozes sex appeal, or maybe something they did in 2011 revved Aussies up and got the blood pumping.

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10 – Miranda Kerr

It’s a little known fact but there was motion passed a few years ago making it illegal to have a Sexy Australian list without including Miranda Kerr, you may recall it replaced the old Elle Macpherson laws.

Kerr was absent from the catwalks for a spell last year after welcoming her first child with partner, Orlando Bloom. However, putting the ‘super’ in supermodel, Kerr was back on the runways in no time – looking a million bucks if you don’t mind.

So what better way to kick off our top ten Sexy Australians of 2012 while meeting our legal requirements… we give you the delectable, Miranda Kerr.

9 – Shane Warne

Well when Warnie landed the ball of the century back in ’93 no-one would have labelled the portly spin-king a sex symbol; two decades later, and in some ways that’s still the case, but the fact is, the RedHotPie Sexiest Australians of the Year list isn’t just about looking sexy, it’s about living sexy.

For twenty years Warne has been the loveable rogue, the skirt chasing playboy. Currently he’s putting away one of England’s hottest stars, the one and only, Elizabeth Hurley and it’s this saucy union along with a sharp, revitalised image that has catapulted him into this year’s top ten. Warnie, Warnie, Warnie.

8 – Emily Browning

Emily Browning is the girl next door, the girl next door you’d kill to be with. She oozes cute and her unique features put her ahead of the pack which is probably why the demure actress was selected to star in last year’s CGI powerhouse, Sucker Punch.

To compliment her Hollywood blockbuster, Browning also starred in the cold, erotic feature, Sleeping Beauty, and intriguing tale of power and sexuality, in which she played a woman offering a strange erotic service.

7 – Gotye & Kimbra

We’re nothing if we’re not honest here at the Pie, and as amazing as Gotye’s hit single, Somebody That I Used To Know is, he’s gonna need Kimbra to drag him into the top ten. So, after a judge’s decision… we’ve allowed it.

Wouter “Wally” De Backer, or Gotye as he is widely known moves millions with his music, but ultimately he still looks a bit like that nerdy white guy from Road Trip. Enter Kimbra who is also one of Australia’s prodigal music stars, but unlike her leading man from ‘that song’, Kimbra is a stone cold hottie, thus bringing the pair’s average way up. Combined with the smouldering power of their chart-topper, Gotye and Kimbra make out list at number seven.

6 – Nikki Whelan

Without getting too base here, there are a couple of reasons why Nikki Whelan has stormed this year’s Sexiest Australians list… and they can both be seen in the comedy romp, Hall Pass.

Whelan ruined pants around the planet when she got the girls out in front of Owen Wilson, star of the adequately funny flick, but before Hall Pass many will remember Whelan from Aussie soap Neighbours in which she played the achingly gorgeous Pepper Steiger. Just Google her, but make sure you’re alone when you do it.

5 – Simone Callahan

You have to hand it to Simone Callahan, she’s had to put up with a royal amount of guff over the years from ex-hubby, Shane Warne… but she’s taken it all in her stride.

Simone’s come out the other side with more of her dignity, reputation and sanity intact than her ex and she’s looked pretty hot doing it.

This last year as Shane stuck it to old Liz, Simone had her own hustle going on, bedding down with model and business exec, Tony Roberts. Between her new romance and her passion for Yoga, Simone is looking happier and sexier than ever.

4 – Chris Hemsworth

The Hemsworth brothers have really taken America by storm over the last couple of years, but in 2011, brother Chris really hit the big time.

The hunky young buck really caught our attention in the action adventure, Thor. Not only will he be reprising the role in the upcoming Avengers flick, he’ll be cashing in again after a Thor sequel was announced. Hollywood loves a franchise and we love Chris Hemsworth.

3 – Sam Schoers and Renae Wauhop

We liked the program just fine; take a bunch of hyped-up Aussies, send them abroad, antagonise them more and film the results, how could it miss? What we really liked though were the stunning blondes that starred in last year’s Australian version of The Amazing Race.

Perth girls, Sam & Renae were ultimately runners-up in our own Amazing Race, but they won our hearts, minds and loins. A much deserved podium finish

2 – Joel Edgerton

Over the last decade we’ve watched Joel Edgerton grow on our screens, from his breakthrough on telly’s Secret Life of Us, to his role in the Star Wars films to his arrival as a simmering and sexy lead in films like 2011’s Warrior.

Edgerton is the quintessential Australian, guys want to have a beer with him and the girls want to give in to his cheeky grin. He’s Jack Thompson for a new generation, and he’s the sexiest Australian bloke for 2012.

1 – Ricki-Lee Coulter

After a rather inconspicuous seventh placing in the second season of Australian Idol, Ricki-Lee Coulter has showed considerable staying power and business savvy going on to become one of the most successful graduates of the Idol franchise.

Now, with her music and media career blooming, Coulter has joined and indeed topped the ranks of Australia’s sexiest after dropping 25 kilos to sculpt one of the county’s hottest rigs! Not only did Coulter shed the kilos, she also shed the clothes posing recently for a scorching Maxim shoot that had the nation drooling.

Well done Ricky-Lee, we’re thrilled to announce you as the 2012 Sexy Australian of the Year.