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Australia‟s comeback king, Huegill took the gong after his sensational trim-down and victory at the Commonwealth Games in 2010. The swimming star‟s determination and focus was a great example for all Aussies wanting to take life by the reigns and chase down their goals.

Number two on this year’s list and the sexiest female Aussie over the last twelve months was Australian Sex Party President, Fiona Patten. Leading the party in both the federal and Victorian state elections in 2010, Patten helped get her team on the map, shaking up some of the big fish along the way.

Also making the list this year was MasterChef guru, Matt Preston. The big man was praised by RedHotPie for his love of the finer things and his ability to take great joy from consuming life by the bowl full. RedHotPie has subsequently offered up $1,000 to a charity of Preston‟s choosing should he do a sexy photo shoot to celebrate his top ten finish.

Rejoicing in all things sexy, RedHotPie commends those Australians who embrace life – those Australians who live sexy. They may be aesthetically sexy, maybe their brain oozes sex appeal, or maybe something they did in 2010 revved Aussies up and got the blood pumping.

See below for the entire 2010/11 Sexy Australian of the Year Top Ten


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10 – Matt Preston

Ok, so the generous portion from Channel Ten‟s hit series, MasterChef was born in the UK, but he‟s been here nigh on twenty years so he‟s getting an honorary guernsey.

Sure he‟s not sexy in the Brad Pitt sense, but Matt Preston chews, sniffs, licks, quaffs, gulps and slurps his way through life and he savours every second of it! He‟s got so much bravado and style we‟re wondering if the old cravat stays on when he moves things from the kitchen to the bedroom.

We‟re so impressed with Matt‟s enthusiasm for the finer things we reckon a saucy photo shoot is in order. Just the cravat, some fruit and veg, and the Preston ham! If ya keen Matty, we‟ll throw a thousand bucks to a charity of your choice… hit us back!

9 – Miranda Kerr

Well Orlando Bloom may have stolen one of our most beautiful young flowers, but his caddish deeds have given the world the new queen of all MILFs in Miranda Kerr. After marrying the pint-sized super-star last year, Kerr has recently got in the family way, but we‟ve no doubt she‟ll be back strutting the cat walks and lying on exotic beaches in string bikinis again in no time. Whether she‟s supermodel or soccer-mum, Miranda is crazy hot.

8 – Tash Bennet

If this ain‟t the most you-beaut tale of Aussie-ism since Ned Kelly punched out a dingo for drinking his VB then we‟ll eat our bloody Akubras. Cracking sort and physical trainer, Tash Bennett was doing a spot of topless sunbathing by her apartment pool last year when a nearby palm tree decided to catch fire. So, without fear or bikini top, Tash quenches the fire and saves the day…yes, topless! Twelve fire crews were then called to put out the pant-fires caused by the event.

7 – Kylie Minogue

A perennial favourite on the sexy Australian lists, pop princess Kylie Minogue is back after a saucy and somewhat controversial year. She kicked things off… by being sexy, but that‟s par for the course with our Kylie, then she turned it up a notch with a steamy shoot for Blackbook Magazine, and for a 42 year old gal, she‟s keeping things ship shape! Then she goes and releases the orgi-tastic film clip for her “All The Lovers” single, a skyscraper size pile of hot young things gettin‟ it on… thankyou Kylie.

6 – Wyatt Roy

He‟s the youngest Australian ever elected to national parliament and it‟s rumoured that he‟s been trying to dock with young solo sailing superstar, Jessica Watson. Wyatt Roy is a double threat guy, he‟s got the exuberance of youth and the lustful stink of power. Need your bin collection day changed? Ring Wyatt. Want late night shopping on Thursdays? Ring Wyatt. Want to be sexed up by a man with the energy of a whippet and the clout of a gangster? Well, ring Wyatt, but do it from a payphone.

5 – Jane Gazzo

Sure, Ruby Rose has the alternative sex kitten thing going on but now there‟s another contender for Australia‟s favourite alterna-babe. The gen-xer‟s out there will no doubt remember Jane Gazzo as the geeky young reporter from ABC‟s uber-awesome Recovery program. Well, Jane went overseas, learnt her craft, and returned a woman… an incredibly sexy rock „n‟ roll goddess actually. These days you can catch her on Channel V mixing it up with rockstars or putting her sexy curves to work for the lad‟s mag cameras. Horns up indeed!

4 – Ryan Kwanten

Well unless you‟ve been living under a rock… actually even rock-hole dwellers know about the year Ryan Kwanten has had. The supremely hard bodied actor will be able to live off geek fairs and sci-fi conventions for the rest of his days after shooting to fame as the vampire hating Jason Stackhouse on the hit series True Blood. Ryan‟s also had a good year on the big screen but for most (ladies) it‟s the small screen where Kwanten does his best work… all shirtless, sweaty and confused. Oooooohwee!

3 – Australia’s Emergency Services

There‟s a bit of risk involved in living in a country as awesome as Australia. While she‟s a paradise 51 weeks of the year, you know at any moment she can remind you not to take things for granted with a flood, bushfire or cyclone. But we‟ve learned to pull together when things get a little tough and none pull harder than the amazing people of Australia‟s Emergency Services. There‟s nothing sexier than a hero and every man and woman who pull on the Emergency Services duds is just that.

So cheers to you all, and congrats on being number three in this year‟s Sexiest Australian list.

2 – Fiona Patten

She‟s the blonde bombshell at the helm of the sexiest political party in the history of the galaxy, and she’s the sexiest Australian female of 2010/11.

As leader of the Australian Sex Party, Fiona Patten has seen it all, and we would hope done a lot of it too. Fiona’s in the trenches every day, fighting for the rights of all Australian’s to lead salacious, sexy lives… we reckon that‟s pretty bloody terrific.

Not only has Fiona got the hottest brain on the block, the rest of her assets are pretty crackerjack to boot. So for her tireless work and her cougariffic curves, we’re stoked to name Fiona Patten at number two, and recognise her as the number one female on our Sexy Australian of the Year list!

1 – Geoff Huegill is thrilled to announce Geoff Huegill as the Sexy Australian of the Year for 2010/11.

After a career spent winning gold for Australia in the pool, the big man retired a few years back and it‟s fair to say he enjoyed the downtime, ballooning out to a whopping 138kgs! But, in a display of courage equal to his waistline, Huegill vowed to make a comeback. Not only did he drop 40 kilos as he rebuilt his chiselled rig, Huegill went on to win gold at the 2010 Commonwealth games. Now, he‟s got his sights set on the 2012 Olympics!

The smiling giant would have made the top ten on the strength of his killer six-pack alone, but when you factor in the heart he‟s shown this year, he was always going to take the gold.