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Australians all let us rejoice. For they are young and sexy! Australia’s sexiest online dating site,, has announced its annual Sexy Australian of the Year honours list with hot couple Ruby Rose and supermodel Catherine McNeil tying for first place.

Far removed from the country’s traditional Australia Day Honours list, the Sexy Australian of the Year Awards bestow accolades on Australians who have more than good looks and an the it factor, these people must have the red hot factor!

“While the Sexy Australian of the Year list comprises gorgeous Aussies like Miranda Kerr, Sam Worthington and Teresa Palmer, it also contains some surprises such as Australia’s sexiest politician Kate Ellis, Biggest Loser star Tiffany Herdsman, and the country’s most infamous Sugar Daddy, Geoffrey Edelsten,” proclaimed spokeswoman Bessie Bardot.

“While it doesn’t hurt to be a supermodel or have movie star good looks, this list will show that sexiness comes in all shapes and sizes. We hope this list will ignite an incredible debate about what makes an Australian sexy” continues Bardot. “And let’s face it, when it comes to being sexy, two is always better than one, which is why the recent engagement news between Ruby Rose and Catherine McNeil has catapulted them to the top.”

When told of his number 6 placing, MTV host Darren McMullen joking said, “I feel about as welcome on this list of hotties as a fart in a space suit.”

Bunbury mum and standout contestant from last year’s The Biggest Loser series, Tiffany Herdsman was rapt when she heard the news; “Wow, it’s a great surprise to be named number four Sexy Australian of the Year by I’ve learnt so much about being sexy from The Biggest Looser series. It has a lot to do with self-confidence and the way you feel from the inside. All of this sends out a vibe to others and is a big part of feeling sexy, which is most important.”

Ends 2010 Sexy Australian of the Year list

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10 – Geoffrey Edelsten

Let’s start by reiterating what the RedHotPie Sexy Australian of the Year Awards are all about shall we? Although it helps, you don’t necessarily have to be the most attractive person in the world. It may well be enough that you live sexy; case in point – Geoffrey Edelsten.

The disgraced former doctor hijacked the Australian media at the end of 2009 with his circus like wedding to busty yank siren, Brynne Gordon. Young Brynne just happens to be about 40 years her new hubby’s junior; we like your style Geoffrey old son, we like your style very much.

So welcome to the RedHotPie Sexy Australian of the Year Top Ten, Geoffrey, and please extend our commiserations to your beautiful young bride.

9 – Lincoln Lewis

Who wouldn’t love this horny little scamp, eh? Son of rugby legend Wally Lewis, young Lincoln has reportedly taken a page out of the old man’s book by getting over the line with another young Home & Away starlet.

Shagging a co-star is no big news, but the fact Lewis taped the sauce session on his phone before showing mates landed him in a spot of bother. We however applaud the young man’s attempts to move from acting into directing; bravo sir.

8 – Teresa Palmer

She’s left a string of celebrity ex’s in her wake and her star is well and truly on the up. Teresa Palmer has been making some big waves in the States with her long, lean frame and gorgeous blonde locks, and she can act some too.

After dating serial rooter Russell Brand in 2008, Palmer has most recently been linked to stuntman come producer Nash Edgerton, brother of actor Joel Edgerton. Nash is also known for his numerous dalliances and that’s what we love to see, happy young kids in lust!

7 – Miranda Kerr

What has Miranda Kerr done this year? She did some modelling, ummm, stepped out occasionally with that Orlando Bloom character, errrr. Well she no doubt did lots of things but the fact of the matter is the bombshell continued to be the hottest Aussie property this side of Darwin.

Kerr’s yoga toned physique ensured her place amongst the world’s highest paid models again in 2009 and we think whatever those Victoria’s Secret people are paying her, it’s worth it.

6 – Darren McMullen

Darren McMullen blazed through 2009 with a swashbuckling abandon that had the ladies going weak at the knees.

The Scottish larrikin and MTV VJ has more notches than Dirty Harry’s Magnum and a flirtatious streak that would rival Don Juan. Perhaps his highest profile conquest of the last year was the reported hook-up with red-carpet co-host and Hill’s star Audrina Partridge.

Darren’s best grab of ‘09 came in an interview when he stated: “I’m a romantic. I fall in love every night and out of love every morning.” Awww, that’s touching stuff Daz.

5 – Jessica Bratich

She’s hot, and if you say otherwise she’ll crane kick yo’ ass! When she wasn’t out on cricketing tours with superstar boyfriend Mitchell Johnson, Jessica Bratich was back in Oz either getting her kit off for molten hot magazine layouts or having verbal dust-ups with Mitchell’s mum on A Current Affair. Can we just say, we’ve taken great pleasure in watching both.

Bratich’s mastery of the martial arts and her crazy hot curves make her every Aussie bloke’s dream-girl and a worthy inclusion in this year’s Sexy Australians list.

4 – Tiffany Herdsman

She’s been an inspiration to aspiring hotties everywhere. Tiffany Herdsman blasted the fat on her way to becoming a stone cold hottie on 2009’s Biggest Loser series.

Her smoking new curves and gorgeous face have thrust the Bunbury mum into the public spotlight and it’s universally agreed – we all like what we’re seeing.

After tipping the scales at a generous 113kgs, Herdsman is now half the woman she used to be weighing in at around 58 kilos – and every one of them fine.

3 – Kate Ellis

Forget troop deployment, workplace reform and the new tax laws, the hottest thing in parliament is without a doubt the Minister for Sports, Kate Ellis. With a mind for political excellence and a body for sin, Ellis has made the business of governing sexy again after Australia’s exceptionally unsexy stint under old Bushy Brows Howard.

Ellis has recently become single again, no doubt setting hearts in parliament aflutter. If ever there was a time to play the most powerful man in the country card, Mr Rudd, now would be it.

2 – Sam Worthington

Well what can you say about our man Sam? He made Christian Bale look like a hack in the new Terminator film before getting handpicked by James Cameron to star in what will most likely become the biggest film in the history of mankind.

Sam Worthington had a good year no matter how you cut it and he’s poised to become Hollywood’s sexiest leading man, so we’re getting in on the ground floor and naming him our number two Sexy Australian of 2010.

1 – Ruby Rose & Catherine McNeil

Sure we’re only in our second year of the annual RedHotPie Sexy Australian of the Year Awards but the fact remains, this is an unprecedented result – a tie for first place!

Ruby Rose and Catherine McNeil blew minds around the world when news of their engagement got out. While the planned union crushed male hearts across the land, most men have admitted to a return of good spirits once the wedding night consummation was envisaged.

Rose, a successful DJ and MTV VJ has a string of scorching celeb ex’s including last year’s Sexy Australian winner, Jess Origliasso of The Veronica’s fame.

Rose and McNeil met in their teens while competing in a magazine model search contest. Who knew their initial friendship would eventually lead to such hot celesbian courting.

McNeil continues to work abroad as one of the planet’s hottest supermodels. While she is based in New York, we have no doubt that both of these lovely ladies will serve admirably as 2010’s Sexy Australians of the Year!